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Corinne Camp 
1946 - 1999

Corinne Camp was a major founder and pioneer of the mental health client movement in Sonoma County.  In her work, she mentored numerous clients who are now still actively engaged in mental health advocacy work in Sonoma County. Corinne worked tirelessly, sometimes sixty to eighty hours per week, without ever receiving any monetary compensation. She was very compassionate and highly ethical.  She worked with the utmost integrity.  Her work embodied the values of choice, self-determination, respect, empowerment, and hope for those experiencing mental and emotional distress. 

Corinne Camp is often mentioned with other important leaders in mental health client movement history in California such as Howie the Harp, Sally Zinmann, Jay Mahler, Roy Crew, Ron Schraiber and many others.  She is included in the CBMSC Multicultural Reader published by Sage 2008, which is used primarily in academic settings and in trainings for mental health practioners.
Corinne founded and incorporated Advocates for Mental Health.  Through Corinne’s work, the Chief of the State Office of Patients Rights of the Department of Mental Health concluded that there were “deficiencies” in the method in which Sonoma County patients’ rights complaints were handled.  This resulted in the implementation of new procedures for patients’ rights in Sonoma County and the creation of a full-time Patients Rights Advocate position.
Corinne was the first in Sonoma County to organize art shows for artists with mental health challenges including shows at local businesses, Santa Rosa Junior College, and the Sonoma County Health and Harmony Fair.  Corinne also organized a play written by a mental health client, which was performed at Santa Rosa High School.
Gaye LaBaron, a well-known columnist for the Press Democrat, Nanci Burton, the Mayor of Santa Rosa at the time, and other prominent members of our community recognized Corinne’s work in mental health by honoring her with the prestigious JC Penny Golden Rule Award in 1991.  
The White House honored Corinne for her work in mental health in 1991 with a letter from President George Bush, Sr., which acknowledged her “commitment to the values that have made our nation great – duty, sacrifice, and patriotism that finds its expression in voluntary community service.”

Corinne was an organizer and a moderator of the 1994 Consumer Speak Up Conference in Sonoma County.  She was a presenter at other mental health conferences including the 1994 National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy and the 1995 Jobs Now! Meaningful Employment of Clients in Public Mental Health Conference in Oakland. She also volunteered over one-hundred hours as a founder of Interlink Self-Help Center.