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Peer Centers - by and for those of us with mental health challenges:

  • Interlink Self-help Center - a client operated, self-help, mental health recovery program - located at 1033 Fourth Street in Santa Rosa, CA


(707) 546-4481

  • Petaluma Peer Recovery Project - located at 1360 North McDowell Blvd in Petaluma, CA - a mental health consumer run organization dedicated to empowering the local mental health community through peer support.


(707) 769-5299

  • Russian River Empowerment Center - located in downtown Guerneville, a consumer-driven mental health ande wellness drop-in center that provides a safe and supportive haven for those who want to transcend serious and persistent mental illness.



(707) 604-7264

  • Wellness and Advocacy Center - a mental health consumer-operated self-help center - located at 3400 Chanate Road in Santa Rosa, CA


(707) 565-7800